Kayla Ann Raine (kaylaraine) wrote in whos_your_muse,
Kayla Ann Raine

Freshman Year of College Series: Jason

I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking when I started "dating" Jason. No, wait, I take that back...I know exactly what I was thinking. My high school boyfriend, my first love, had just broken up with me. I was depressed and lonely and in desperate need of some positive male attention. Although, in the long run, Jason's intentions toward me weren't always positive.

I met Jason on the "strip" one day when my best friend, Heather, and I were driving around Altoona looking for something (someone?) to do. He was very attractive. He was older than me. He kissed me after standing around by our cars talking for about 15 minutes. I wouldn't exactly say that I was smitten, but I was starting college in two weeks and he lived only a couple miles from my dorm. I suppose that I was intrigued, if nothing else. God knows, I wasn't anywhere near being over Brian. I suppose that Jason was my rebound guy, although I didn't really know that at the time.

A week or two after I started college, Jason finally called me. I had almost given up on him since I hadn't heard from him in a few weeks. Of course, I didn't know that he was probably busy watching his kid while his high-school aged girlfriend was starting her Senior year. Anyhow, we started seeing each other a couple times a week. We didn't do much besides drive around town, go out to eat and make out and fondle each other in my dorm room.

While my niave self didn't know it at the time, Jason spent alot of time using me. He used me for my car, he used me to get free meals, he even used me as companionship to get away from his bitchy girlfriend/mother-of-his-son. I don't actually remember how I found out about his girlfriend or his son, but I think that he eventually told me after I started asking too many questions. You'd think that would have been my first clue to disassociate myself with him. Remember the niave part? I wasn't kidding.

I held no illusions that I was in love with this guy or that our future entailed anything more than heavy make-out sessions, but I suppose that I still liked the attention. And he was a good kisser. And, as it turned out, he was pretty damn munipulative for a jobless high-school dropout/teenage father.

He once borrowed my car and didn't return it for over a week. Luckily, I knew where he lived and I convinced a friend of mine to drive me to his house to get the car back. This is where I had my first run-in with his girlfriend. I shouldn't blame her for being a bitch to me as it was obvious that she was more pissed off at him than me. After knocking on their door and telling him that I needed my car back now, she came out and confronted me about the car being mine, about who I was and how I knew Jason, etc. I told her the truth and I'm glad that she didn't decide to punch me in the face.

I do wish that this confrontation was the end of the Jason saga, but I wasn't the smartest 18 year old on the planet. I actually stopped taking his phone calls until he got the hint and stopped calling. I actually thought that I was free of the whole drama and would never see him again in my life. That is, until he called me from prision one day.

Yes, he called me from prision. He was sent to jail for six months for failing to pay child support for *another* illegitimate child that he donated sperm to in high school. Seriously. In all of this, I somehow managed to feel sorry for him (Don't ask me how.). He asked me to write letters to him in jail as he was bored and missed me and blah, blah sympathy-cakes. I agreed to write to him.

I'm pretty sure that all of my friends thought that I was insane by this point, but I couldn't see the harm in pen-paling with a deadbeat dad who formally used me for automobile priviledges. At least he was completely unsuccessful in trying to get in my pants.

Jason and I exchanged many letters over those six months. After he got out of jail, he started to call me again. I was living back at my parents house during summer break by this time. I attempted to avoid most of his calls, but he relented in wanting to see me. I finally gave in and agreed to meet him in Altoona one afternoon.

Luckily, I was much smarter and less niave by this point in my life so the climax of this story isn't quite as exciting or sordid as my previous actions might lead you to believe. I saw Jason for the last time that day. We drove around town, got some food, chatted a bit, I dropped him off at his mother's house and then went home. He continued to call me until my mother eventually told him to stop calling.

I'd like to think that I learned some kind of big lesson after this whole debacle, but I suppose that it just took some time and various life experiences for me to grow out of my niavity. I don't exactly regret meeting Jason or dating him, but I do look back on it all and wonder how I could have acted so idiotically. These days, he isn't even someone that would have gotten more than a passing glance from me. I don't even wonder or care what he's doing with his life now and it has been long enough that I might not even be able to pick him out of a line-up. He is, however, someone that I think about on occassion and realize that my experiences with him were just a part of growing up.
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