Kayla Ann Raine (kaylaraine) wrote in whos_your_muse,
Kayla Ann Raine

Topic Assignment: Write about your immediate vicinity

I'm working in a cube for the first time since my job at Strategic Management in State College. At first, I thought it would annoy me because it generally means no privacy and when I first started here, I also had a cubemate. It also meant that the only way that I could listen to music was through my headphones and after five years of working in an office, it's just a big change.

It turns out, that despite my constant boredom at work, my environment is what I like most about this job. My cubemate left for another job months ago and I found myself missing him desperately. I have been fortunate in my life that I've generally gotten along with most of my coworkers, especially at GunsRBad. I've even carried over friendships after leaving several of my jobs. Here at OPM, I'm one of only a few girls in our office and I really love that since I tend to exhibit more male gender traits than female ones. I fit right in with all the sports discussion and while I still think the boys are still shy about discussing sex around me, I can still hear what they are saying and slip in a comment here and there.

I really love all of my coworkers. I love the consulting company that employs me. I love the loose structure of the work here and I definitely love the fact that I can get here at 10:30am if I choose. It is unfortunate, however, that I don't love the actual work. Now, every so often, I will get assigned a project that excites me and I'm happy for a short period of time. Yet, overall, I'm generally uninspired and bored with the entire IT field. Not only do I want more and different, but I need it. There will be a time within the next year when I will have to force myself to move on to greener pastures, but it won't be for a lack of love for my cube farm and my peeps here at OPM. My mugs and my desk toys will travel with me, but so will the experience and memories that accumulated in the fog of my brain. My boredom, however, I'd like to leave that behind.
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