Kayla Ann Raine (kaylaraine) wrote in whos_your_muse,
Kayla Ann Raine

Just a short scene to get started

The thunder and lightening was intense. The rain poured down harder than I've ever remembered it doing before tonight. Of course, the weather was fitting to my mood, so perhaps I wanted it to rain even harder, for the thunder to crackle so loud that it might scare me. So that it might take my mind off my myriad problems. Not problems really, though...more like scenarios. Sometimes I think too much and tonight, my brain was definitely going into overdrive. I could help thinking about him and wondering what he's doing right now. I should be able to trust my boyfriend, right? Right? Then why is it that I'm just sitting here picturing him with every girl in the East Village? And why are all the girls in my imagination prettier than me? Why am I mentally trying to set myself up for a fall that hasn't happened yet? I really should just get some sleep.
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